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Preventative Dentistry
Dr. Taormina recommends that certain procedures be performed at regular dental visits as part of your proper dental hygiene. Preventative dentistry helps prevent problems before they start, corrects routine problems before they worsen, and identifies serious oral problems so they can be properly treated.


Rocks Cleaning
The fight against plaque is a major component of preventative care. While daily brushing and flossing are your first line of defense against plaque, the professional cleaning is more thorough than the best you can do at home. Even proper brushing alone can’t remove the tartar that accumulates at the gumline. Good hygiene and regular dental visits are the most effective way to obtain oral health.
Rocks Dental Exam
Dental problems tend to get worse when left untreated. When you see Dr. Taormina for regular visits, small problems won’t have a chance to become major concerns. Good hygiene and dental visits are cost-effective, too. It costs much more to have teeth repaired and replaced than it does to have regular exams and cleanings. Routine exams also give you the best chance for early detection and treatment of serious oral problems.

Rocks Scaling
Scaling is the deep-cleaning procedure a hygienist uses to remove the tartar off your teeth at and below the gumline. We can usually perform this procedure with no injections! Instead the hygienist will place a topical gel into the gum tissue that provides a numbing effect. It is important to remove tartar because tartar makes teeth even more susceptible to tooth decay. Tartar also causes gingivitis and inflammation of the gums. Scaling is the process of actually scraping and smoothing the teeth with dental instruments, or the use of an ultrasonic machine that aids in the process. After scaling, teeth are more resistant to plaque, and gums can return to their normal pink, healthy state.
Rocks X-Rays
Dr. Taormina utilizes the latest technology within the office with the use of digital radiographs, which means clearer pictures & less radiation! More x-rays pass through softer tissues than harder tissues, so softer areas like gums and cheeks look darker on an x-ray. If you put an impenetrable object like a piece of lead between the x-ray machine and the film, no x-rays would get though that spot, and it would leave a totally white impression. Similarly, the strong dense enamel of your teeth looks very light on the x-rays, and areas of softer decay look darker. Dr. Taormina has been trained to read x-rays to determine if there are any signs of problems.