Dentures, also called “fake teeth”, are removable replacement teeth and are a great option if you are missing all of your teeth in your mouth.  If you have no healthy teeth, a complete denture gives you a brand new replacement set, while a partial denture replaces just some missing teeth. There are different types of dentures for different situations.

A denture can fit in the mouth by being placed as a complete denture, an overdenture, or an implant-supported denture. Specifically, an overdenture an be fitted over any remaining natural teeth you may have left. This can still occur if you had root canal treatment. A complete denture differs from an overdenture.

Once all of your teeth are ultimately removed and your mouth is fully healed, a conventional denture, a 'complete denture' is then placed in the mouth. It is made to match the color of your gums making it look at natural as possible. 
Your dentist at Serenity Advanced Dentistry can explain which may be the best for your circumstances.