Welcome to a Whole New World of Comfort for Dental Patients....

Dr. Taormina is one of the few general dentists in the state that is specifically trained to perform IV sedation for his patients. Sedation Dentistry offers anxiety-free dental procedures as the patient is in a deeply relaxed state, though fully responsive. Also, it is a comfortable experience, often with no recollection of the time period. We often hear from patients who express their gratitude and delight in a visit to the dentist without fear.

If you have been putting off YEARS of dental work, Sedation Dentistry will change your life! When it comes to eliminating pain and anxiety, nothing else comes close. Imagine being able to accomplish all of your dental care in as little as one or two relaxing appointments. No more anxiety, little to no discomfort during or after the procedures! The best part is you have little to no memory of the treatment.

Dr. Taormina realizes that there are a lot of legitimate reasons why many people stay away from the dentist. It’s true that almost half of the population has some kind of dental fear, from people who feel a little uncomfortable, to those who are so terrified they can’t go to a dental office. Whether it’s fear or something else that’s keeping you away, today’s dentistry gives Dr. Taormina many options for making you comfortable throughout your appointment. Sedation Dentistry uses medications to relax patients, which makes for a totally comfortable dental experience.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide sedation, also called “Laughing Gas”, is a very effective way for Dr. Taormina to help you stay relaxed and comfortable during a dental procedure. It is a very light form of sedation, which works fast and wears off quickly. It is readily available for any appointment needed.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a wonderful option for patients as it allows you to be sedated through an entire dental visit using just a small pill. Most healthy adults are good candidates for oral sedation. For some, comfortable dentistry is as simple as taking one small pill. Conscious sedation is modern dentistry that lets even the most high fear patient have a relaxing and comfortable dental visit.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is a technique used by specially trained dentists to keep patients comfortably sedated through an entire appointment. Unlike general anesthesia, which is also delivered intravenously, IV sedation is a form of conscious sedation where the patient is never completely asleep.