For a lot of people, going to the dentist yearly has become a chore, and the thought of going to the dentist every six months is unimaginable. But the reality is, that when it comes to your oral care, prevention is the best solution. Our mouth is a complex system of bone, tissue, saliva, and glands. Visiting your dentist frequently will help keep this system moving in the correct direction so that the risk of further complications and illnesses diminishes. Here are the top reasons to go see your dentist regularly:


One of the biggest reasons to go see your dentist is because your dentist is trained properly on how to screen your mouth for diseases. Every year, your dentist will take X-Rays to ensure there are no structural issues, such as bone deterioration or impacting teeth. In addition, your dentist is trained to, check for diseases such as oral cancer, which too frequently is caught too late, as the signs are invisible to the regular eyes. Your dentist will also check for gum diseases, tooth damage, cysts, cavities, and other diseases that could cause pain in the future.

Catching these diseases early is most often the best chance at curing them or preventing further complications.

Thorough Cleaning

Even if you brush your teeth as described, twice daily, for two minutes, and use floss, plaque buildup will continue to build over time; and if we are honest, most of us do not do as the dentist describes. This creates the risk for oral diseases over time. When we go to our annual cleaning, the dentist will work to properly clean any buildup that has accumulated over the past couple of months. Visiting your dentist every couple of years, instead of yearly, will make it difficult for your dentist to clean all of the buildup that has accumulated over the years. This will also increase your risk of more complicated situations that may cause the need for unnecessary and painful procedures such as teeth extractions or root canals.

Protecting Overall Health

Diseases of the mouth have been known to complicate your overall health. Oral health can interfere with the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It can also lead to diabetic complications. Protecting the health of your mouth means protecting the health of your entire body.

Dentistry That Matters

Affordable, quality care is what we strive for and we understand that convenience is important to our patients.